Product FAQs Help Center

#1 Bagaimana cara membeli produk MasterSadap?

There are 2 ways our product purchasing mechanisms are:

1. On-Line purchase
Fill your order data on the product order menu at website, make sure the data you fill is correct and check your email inbox for next payment process. We accept payment by funds transfer through Bank Mandiri and Bank BCA accounts.

2. Purchase via Agent
We understand lately there are often many scams under the guise of on-line trading, so you are reluctant to make on-line purchases. We offer you to make direct purchases of tapping mobile phone software through agent. Our agent will come see you, install the product on target HP, demonstrate the product to you and after all the new finish you pay in cash. Purchases by agent are subject to an agency fee of Rp 250,000, – to Rp 500,000, – (depending on the distance of your location to our agent)

#2 Apakah saya bisa menyadap HP tanpa harus menginstall program?
Can not, because it will be very vulnerable to abuse. Our program is used only for the purpose of kindness in order to monitor the closest people you know, so you can not monitor others indiscriminately. Therefore you should be able to borrow target HP to be installed our program.
#3 Apabila saya membeli produk melalui cara on-Line melalui apa produk dikirimkan dan berapa lama?
Products that contain guides install the program and activation code will be sent to your e-Mail address. Make sure you confirm your e-mail address to us after you transfer funds to our account. Items will be delivered at the earliest 15 minutes after you confirm the fund transfer. Because we are also not always stand by in front of the computer, if we are offline the longest product delivery process is 1×24 hours. If we exceed the time we will refund the funds to your account.
#4 Apakah syarat utama saya agar bisa menyadap ?
Here are the conditions for you to do the tapping process
– HP targets must be compatible with our program, check here to see what HP is compatible
– Installs the MasterSadap program in the target HP
#5 Apa yang harus saya persiapkan untuk menginstall program ?

As for some things and devices that you should prepare when installing the program, namely:

1.Install Alone
– Mobile target
– Monitor number
– Installation Guide
– Product activation code
– Computer / laptop with internet connection

2.Install through the agent
– Mobile target
– Monitor number

#6 Dalam proses penyadapan, apakah program akan memotong pulsa ?
Pemotongan pulsa target
1. Sadap Telepon
Ketika melakukan sadap telepon, HP target telah mengirimkan SMS pemberitahuan kepada HP monitor dengan demikian HP target akan terpotong pulsanya (sebesar tarif SMS yang berlaku) untuk mengirimkan SMS pemberitahuan tersebut kepada monitor.
2. Sadap SMS, e-Mail, BBM, Lokasi
Ketika program mengirimkan data SMS, e-Mail, BBM, log telepon dan Lokasi ke server untuk HP target dengan merk Blackberry tidak akan memotong pulsa. Karena pengiriman data ke server melalui jalur Blackberry Internet Services Unlimited/Full Services. Sedangkan untuk HP target dengan merk selain Blackberry akan dikenakan biaya GPRS sesuai dengan tarif operator yang berlaku.Pemotongan pulsa monitor
Sadap Telepon dan Suara Lingkungan
Ketika melakukan sadap pembicaraan telepon, monitor melakukan panggilan ke target. Dengan demikian berarti pulsa HP monitor akan terpotong sesuai dengan ketentuan tarif telepon operator. Oleh karena itu sangat disarankan monitor menggunakan nomor yang se-operator dengan target.

#7 Apabila HP target adalah HP CDMA apakah bisa saya sadap ?
Dikarenakan jaringan CDMA tidak mendukung fitur conference call maka fitur sadap percakapan telepon tidak akan bisa bekerja, oleh karena hal tersebut software kami tidak didesain untuk HP CDMA. Dengan demikian berarti program kami tidak bisa digunakan pada HP CDMA.
# 8 Does the HP Monitor also need to be compatible?
No need, HP monitors do not need to be compatible with our program, because the program is installed on target HP instead of HP monitor. So the HP monitor does not need to be the same as HP target or compatible with our program. HP monitors can use the HP brand and any type even HP old type or HP china though.
# 9 If the target distance with me is very far away, can I still tap?
You can still tap your target, while the target is still using the HP you have installed our program, connected to the network operator and have a pulse. You do not have to worry, even if the target is outside the country even if you can still monitor the target.
# 10 If the target of changing my SIM Card is I still able to tap it?
You can still tap, because the program is installed in the HP memory is not in the target SIM Card. When the SIM Card replacement takes place you as the monitor will receive SMS notification that the target has changed SIM Card. So if the target HP is lost, you can track and try to find its existence.
# 11 Is my target lead data secure and secured?
We use servers with the best quality of service and security. We strongly encourage you to change your password regularly so that we can ensure that we will never participate in accessing, duplicating, distributing or storing data on your target leads.
# 12 What if the program is misused or causes problems in the future?
We have written in the “Legal Disclaimer” section that you agreed upon when you first accessed our website address or when you purchased the product. There it is clearly written that we are not responsible for any risks arising or any negative effects that may arise from the use of this program. We also emphasize that our products are being used for the purpose of kindness, we also try to make it possible for someone not to easily tap others by adding the install procedure on target HP to restrict the misuse of the product.
# 13 Are there any Trial versions or trial versions?
We’re sorry we did not provide trial or test products.
# 14 Where is the MasterSadap office address or store?
We are based in Malang – East Java
We deliberately did not include the address because we focus on just selling on-line.
If you are in doubt with us, you can make purchases of our products through the agents that have been described in the first point above.